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Stas hates to cook. And he’s a lucky man because he very rarely has to 🙂

Yesterday, I went to the salon to have my hair colored. It was a 1pm appointment that went until 5pm (yes, 4 hours) – so Stas was on his own for lunch. Much to his dismay, there weren’t any hot dogs in the freezer to boil or leftovers to re-heat!

So what did Chef Stas whip up? Take a look…


brains? or an omelette?


the finished (non-folded) omelette

This is how Stas describes his creation:

Chef Stas’ Omelette

5 eggs
some whole milk
butter (“a lot of it”)

1. Crack 5 eggs into a bowl, add milk, and “go crazy” with a hand mixer.
2. Melt butter in a pan over medium heat. Pour egg mixture in. Cover and cook “until it’s done”.
3. Sprinkle with salt and serve.

serves 1

I wonder what he would’ve cooked if we had no eggs in the fridge 🙂

Stas lived on his own for about 7 years before I moved in… this meant that he cooked for himself for 7 whole years. Who knew?! I’d never guess it judging by the lost puppy-dog look on his face when I ask him to prepare his lunch or dinner…

But I wouldn’t have it any other way – I love cooking for Stas. I make him breakfast whenever I can, I pack his lunch every day, and I have dinner waiting for him every night. I feel that a woman should take care of her man like that – it’s how I was raised and it’s how our kids will be raised.

And as much as I take care of him, I get taken care of in return  (and then some!) I’m a lucky girl!

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My first post!

For my very first post, I thought my usual breakfast would be appropriate. No frills here – it’s about as simple as you can get.

It starts with some homemade butter (freshly made yesterday), homemade bread, and some swiss cheese (Market Basket brand – nothing fancy):

I just got back into my bread and butter making. I found a really simple bread recipe that I’ll share in a later post. It’s mostly hands-off, so it’s easy and convenient for me to make any day of the week. It just takes a little bit of planning, since it’s a 2-day process. The butter is even more simple. I’ll save that for a later post, too!

While I’m preparing this part of the meal, Stas helps me by preparing the coffee:

We don’t have a coffee machine; Instead, we use a French press. It takes up much less space and requires less care/cleaning than a machine. And unlike a machine, which can start producing funny-tasting coffee over time, a French press is reliable and always makes a fresh cup.

We only use the French press on the weekends. During the week, I drink my work’s coffee and Stas drinks instant.

(That’s my beloved KitchenAid stand mixer in the back (my secret to making the butter). Stas bought it for me for my birthday 2 years ago.)

When the entire meal comes together, it looks like this:

… with a grapefruit and my full-day’s worth of vitamins & fish oil added in (no, I don’t take them all at once, but I put them all out at the same time so that I don’t forget to take them during meals).

This meal is a recent “find” for me. I used to be a cereal kind of girl (Cheerios). Then, I got a little too crazy about a lifting/food plan, so my daily breakfast was 8 egg whites + 2 whole egs + 184g grapefruit (I measured each time). After a trip to Ukraine with Stas in September, I decided to just be “normal” again, and so I adopted this very Russian breakfast. (At least it’s Russian in my mind, since I don’t know any Americans who eat this sort of thing for breakfast.)

… and upon doing so, I’ve re-discovered my love of cheese 🙂

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